Friday, August 30, 2013

Article Summary: Parent's Involvement!

Source:  Gurian, A. (2013). Involved parents: The hidden resource in their children's education. Retrieved from

Article Summary: Parent’s involvement in children’s lives is extremely important and leaves a huge impact on families and children. Children who have healthy parent involvement in their lives tend not have very many absents, have good behavior, do well in school, pre-school on through high school, and go to good schools. Parents with involvement in schools are able to learn about the people they are around, the environment they are learning in and what they are learning and how. Some things parents can do to be involved with their children be successful are reading to their children, talking about what happened in the story, help children with time management skills, lessen television time, have discussions with their children on a regular basis about their lives, and check their progress on their homework every night. This will keep the parent involved and build a healthy relationship between child and parent. Parents are children first teachers; they are one of the strongest influences to help shape children’s lives. The importance of bonding and educational learning intertwining is vital.

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