Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Article Summary: Family activities! :)

Source: Hochswender , C. ( 2013). 20 activities to do with your family this weekend. 1,3, 4, 12, 19 Retrieved from

Article Summary: Having different types of activities for children are fun and educational these activities can also be for just children or children and families. One fun thing is to go on a picnic, what is more fun than going outside in nice weather; but when the wind is blowing it can make everything difficult. A fun craft to do is making colorful weights made out of rocks to hold the cloth down. These colorful creations can be made by taking rocking placing glue on them and attaching colorful pieces of colored paper, with patterns too. A fun fall activity for children is to take a leaf, place it under white paper and rub it with a crayon to make an outline of a leaf. Another fun craft is for children to make their own sunflower. Take pieces of styrofoam, cut it in half, have children glue sunflower seeds on the foam, put yellow tissue paper in the shape of pedals on the foam with glue, put yellow paper in the shape of a circle on the back, lastly take ribbon and tie it around a tree. This is how children can make their own sunflower and see it from the trees. Another great activity is a treasure hunt; going on a treasure hunt is such a fun and educational activity for children! Not only does it have a fun pirate theme but helps with figuring out directions; following them and finding where they need to go. Take plastic gold coins in a garden like area, make a map for directions and make it look old by taking paper putting it in coffee look for it to brown, then rip the edges to finish the old look. A fun art project is making a craft with different types of objects. This craft called “Frame It”, makes anywhere someone makes the craft feel like they are at a beach. Take pebbles, seashells and other objects found at the beach. Take cardboard and have the children glue the objects on it; a fun option is to make it look like a fish to go along with the beach theme. All of these activities would be fun for children and families to do; and children can learn a lot about art from these projects.   

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