Friday, August 30, 2013

Article of Summary: Finding Confidence in the Work World!

Source: Valazza, G. (2013). Professional development: teacher development and confidence. Retrieved from

Article of Summary: Finding confidence is not always about starting at the bottom up but always finding a way to improve. One of the ways to improve is to find new techniques out there, such as the new ways professionals are helping children learn. This is helpful for staying up with what is modern and ways to help children now. Gaining confidence when working with children involves having knowledge in subject areas; it helps to know the information being passed on is correctly given to the children; so they can use it too. Also, give confidence to the children ask them about their lives, relate books and activities to them, as well as encourage them. Know the work place well; such as what kind of rules they have and how does this place set their learning environment; for example the Exploration Station focuses on creativity. Another way to gain confidence is to watch other leaders or helpers; see what is effective and how to implement it in to teaching or leading activities. Have someone there to critique; say what is positive and what can be improved on. Attitude is everything be proud of accomplishments; working hard always pays off and it is something that should always be remembered.     

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