Friday, August 23, 2013

Water bottle Lightning bug!

What You Need:
Colorful construction paper! 
 Colorful tissue paper!
Water bottle
Glow stick 
Black crayons or markers
Zig zag scissors optional!

What You Do: 
Take an empty water bottle 
Wrap Tissue Paper around water bottle and stick with tape
Cut out bug body, antennas, wings and legs with construction paper
Make antennas using two colors of construction paper; make one color thin and the other small square glue the squares on the thin paper.
Glue the antennas on the front of the bug body. 
Use colorful construction paper to design the bug body and wings (zig zag scissors optional for decoration!)
Draw a smiley face on the bug body with markers or crayons!
Tape the body to the front side and the wings to the back side of the water bottle.
Now, time to make your lightning bug light up! Bend the glow stick to make it glow; place a glow stick in the water bottle!
Visit a dark room to watch your lightning bug glow! 

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