Friday, August 23, 2013

Sensory Series!

Vision and touch
What You Need:
Clear hair gel
Food coloring
Plastic baggies
Foam stickers, pop up stickers, beads,
 and anything you want to put in for sensory

 What You Do: 
Squirt clear hair in baggie
Squirt food coloring in baggies along with hair gel and squish hair gel and food coloring around
Place sensory objects into baggie 
You can use all the same color for vision and/or all the same theme; such as items in an ocean, the sky, all transportation, all land animals, etc. 

 What You Need:
Construction Paper
Coffee Grounds
 Tray (for clean up!)

 What You Do: 
Have children make their make, shapes or pictures with glue
Sprinkle coffee grounds over glue to make them stick!
Place paper on a tray and move it around and let the coffee ground falls on the tray for 
clean up!

 What You Need:
Construction Paper 
Glue (optional)

What You Do: 
 Have children place marshmallows on construction paper, making their name, shapes pictures, etc
Children can glue their marshmallows to the paper or set them on their paper with no glue and eat them when they are done! :) (optional)


What You Need: 
Varies objects 
 Examples of objects: Ball, pencil, cans, erasers, action figures, toy cars, etc
What You Do:
Place one object at a time in box
Have the child shake the box and guess what the object is inside

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