Friday, August 30, 2013

Article Summary: Time mangement skills when working with children!

Source: Williams, F., & McAlister, D. (2013). Time management tips for busy mothers. Retrieved from

Article Summary: The article I chose speaks about time management. I picked this article because things can become so busy with the children; I want to learn how to use time management skills when there is a good amount of children and little time. This article will also help with time around the office. Write a list of things to do; such as tasks for the day or planning the activity and what is being said. Make cleaning up a game; for example singing the cleanup song or making a race of who can clean the fastest. Cleaning the fastest also depends on what is being clean, because it might make more of a mess that way, and if it if it is being cleaned thoroughly. When children clean up themselves it teaches them how to be independent. Songs and can help children remember things better. It is a time safer for learning in the future Get the supplies ready which is needed in advance so everything is well prepared. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, workers and children, do not dwell but think of the best way to fix things. Do not try to do too, much it is okay to ask for help from workers or parents. All of these are helpful time savers to remember, for things to run smoothly and to calm environment.

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