Friday, August 30, 2013

Article Summary: Elaborate Directions when Conducting Children's Activities!

Source: Scanlon , J. (2013). 12 steps to clearer instructions. Retrieved from
Article Summary: When conducting activities directions should be very clear; for children to have an understanding of what to do. When planning activity it is helpful to write down what materials are being used and a plan of what to say. Make sure there is enough time to give directions, and do not rush them, it is important the children understand them. Make sure everyone is listening while giving instructions, someone may be having a chat with someone; make sure to have their attention for them to not miss out. Written instructions are important for children to see it; they should be clear and simple; right to the point of what they are doing. Give simple verbal directions and do not be too wordy, straight forward direction is easier to pay attention to. As well as hearing instructions; children learn by doing; do the project with them to show them what to do. Repeat what to do, but make the wording a little differently. Separate the instructions into steps; once understood moved on to the next step. Make sure the children understand the directions by asking if there are any questions and asking them to repeat do what they are doing. Questions such as “what questions do you have?” or “Who has a questions about…” is a much more elaborate answer than “Do you have any questions?” These are all helpful tips to give clear instructions to children to understand their activity for that day.

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