Friday, August 23, 2013

Pumpkin Decoration!

What You Need:
8 strips of orange pieces of paper 
Green construction paper
Brown Construction Paper
Stapler or glue

What You do:
Take each strip orange paper bend the strips out to make a plump pumpkin!
Have 3 bends of construction paper on each side
 Take the 2 strips of people in the middle and make them straight for the base.
Staple or glue strips together at the bottom and top.
Take a brown strip of paper curl it with a pen or your finger
Glue or staple brown stem on the top of the pumpkin 
Cut the green construction paper into a leaf shape 
Glue green leaves on each side of the pumpkin

Original idea and inspiration found on pinterest 

Suggested Books: 
A wonderful Fall book about pumpkins! Teaches children about how pumpkins grow!

           A great fantasy book pumpkins grow so fast they take over the town!

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