Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Article Summary: Art Skills for Children!

Source: Kohl, M. (2013). The importance of art in a child's development. Retrieved from

Article Summary: Art does not only create a fun experience for children but it helps children with extra life skills. It helps with communication skills by being able to show how express oneself. They are able to communicate in a visual way; for example when a child draws from an experience they can express it with art, such as making colorful shapes to express how they felt. It might be difficult for them to express what they felt through words; therefore they can say what they feel through art. They can learn problem-solving skills through art because they have to figure what to use to work the best. Such as which colors should be mixed to make purple, or what length of string they need to cut for their mobile, or what length of tape they need. It helps them independently make decisions to problem solve. Art helps promotes social and emotions skills, one of the ways is teaching children how to share and appreciates others work. It is able to show how unique each individual is and gives a chance to show their success through their own creativity. Art also helps strengthen fine motor skills. Such as working with paint brushes, crayons, scissors and bottled glue because of the hand movements they make. Art is a chance for children to express oneself and show their own creativity. Everyone has their own way of creating art and puts their own creative spin on their work. The concepts of talent and  creativity should be separated to help children think out of the box. Art does not have to be “perfect,” but it is their own individual creative work.

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