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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Birthday Party for Jesus! Lets Wear Birthday Hats!

 What You Need: 
Birthday Party Hat
Print bible verse on paper
 Use bible verse: God has given a son to us- Isaiah 9:6
Zig Zag Scissors (Optional)

What You Do:
Type bible verse on print paper (I used Comic Sans)
Cut around the verse with zig zag scissors to make it fun looking!
Tape on front of the hat
Talk about the bible verse with the children and what it means
Have children wear the hat and celebrate the birthday party! :) 

Away in a Manger

What You Need:
Yellow Strips of Construction Paper 
Printed out baby Jesus (Optional: find on word)  
Brown Crayons  
Yellow Star Sticker 
Glue (Optional)
What You Do: 
Have the children color the envelope brown for the manger
Help the children put glue on the inside of the envelope- place yellow hay inside
Glue baby Jesus picture in the envelope
   Have the children stick the yellow star on top of the envelope


Monday, November 4, 2013

Circus Banner & Polka Dots!

 What You Need: 
Construction Paper: Use fun circus colors!  (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue!)

What You Do:
Cut colorful construction paper into triangles 
Poke 2 holes in the top middle; leave space in between them
Cut the yarn as long as you need
String the yarn through the 2 holes; making a line with the string
Make sure to string all triangles on the short end if the yarn
 Spread triangles apart as far as you need!
Hang circus banner on wall. (I used tape.)

Add Fun Polka Dots!
What You Need:
Fun Circus Colored Construction Paper!

What You Do:
Cut the construction paper into various sized circles
GET CREATIVE: Make various designs on polka dots. I put little polka dots on the big polka dots and make tiger striped polka dots (my team was the tigers!) :)
Spread the colors out and tape on the wall!

Pirate Patch!

 What You Need:
Black Foam Sheets
What You Do:
Cut black foam sheets into pirate patch shape
Poke two small holes in each end of the pirate patch 
String yarn through the holes; make a line with the yarn on the back of the patch.
Make sure the yarn is even and long enough to tie around someone's head

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spell Check!

Tips on how to become better at spelling!
Let’s face it, the English language can be DIFFICULT.
No one should be ashamed of having difficulty with spelling. Just work on it and watch your progress grow! :)
Spelling Tips:
1.       READ: Okay, I understand not everyone is a big reader. When you read you process the words; they seem easier to remember what they look like when you read.

2.       SPELL CHECK IS GREAT BUT DON’T RELY ON IT TOO MUCH: Spell check is a great tool! When it is difficult to spell a word it is a handy tool to come to the rescue. When you use spell check, look at the corrected, figure out how to spell it, and without looking practice spelling it. (I know this may take too much time during school or needing to turn something in on time, but it will help!) :)

3.       SOUND IT OUT: I understand this one may seem very childlike but it really will work!  

4.       USE MEMORY TRICKS: Memory tricks are great! Use anything to can think associate words or letters together. Speaking of together…when I was young my mother taught me how to spell “together” to-get-her. Tricks like that are awesome!

5.       BE AWARE OF YOUR ACCENT: How do you say words? I have a bit of an accent than other people around me. The way you may say words may affect your spelling. For example: How many syllables is “foil’? one or two? It is one. Where I am from it sounds like two, foy-il. It may be difficult for someone to spell.    

6.       DON’T BE EMBARRASSED: Everyone has different skills and gifts; some people are better than others at certain skills. This is also a note for ones who are asked to spell something for someone. Please do not embarrass or make rude comments if someone asks you to spell something. It doesn’t teach anyone anything, and the point is learning right? Being kind is always the way to go! :) 

Hope this helps! :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Article Summary: Parent's Involvement!

Source:  Gurian, A. (2013). Involved parents: The hidden resource in their children's education. Retrieved from

Article Summary: Parent’s involvement in children’s lives is extremely important and leaves a huge impact on families and children. Children who have healthy parent involvement in their lives tend not have very many absents, have good behavior, do well in school, pre-school on through high school, and go to good schools. Parents with involvement in schools are able to learn about the people they are around, the environment they are learning in and what they are learning and how. Some things parents can do to be involved with their children be successful are reading to their children, talking about what happened in the story, help children with time management skills, lessen television time, have discussions with their children on a regular basis about their lives, and check their progress on their homework every night. This will keep the parent involved and build a healthy relationship between child and parent. Parents are children first teachers; they are one of the strongest influences to help shape children’s lives. The importance of bonding and educational learning intertwining is vital.