Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Article Summary: Childrens Museums Help Grow Imaginations!

Source: Rogers, F. (2013). Museums and the role of play. Retrieved from

Article Summary:  Play is an essential part of children’s learning, they get to explore during play and figure many things, while growing their imagination. A children’s museum is a great place for children to grow through play; it offers a large variety of things to do and create. They are able to show their creative side by making art or building things. There are no rules on what they have to make or build, it is their own creation. At children museums there is a lot of running around for children to do; this is great exercise, there are so many activities to take part in and to get excited about hands on learning. Parents play a huge role in helping them grow; they usually like to play by the child at children museums to help the child’s imagination. It is an awesome opportunity for parents and children to bond outside the home and for parents to see the child’s imagination grow!

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