Friday, August 30, 2013

Article Summary: Creativity in Arts and Crafts!

Source: Reyner, A. (2008). Arts, crafts & creativity in school-age child care & recreation. . Retrieved from                  
Article Summary: Arts and Crafts bring out creativity as well have an educational aspect which is beneficial for the future. There are certain things to remember when it arts and crafts; one of them being, knowing the difference between arts and crafts. Crafts are organized and with a goal in mind, there is a constructed beginning middle and end, involves putting together materials to decorate and require listed materials. Art activities are not structured, open-ended with no specific goal in mind. Uses different types of materials and does not have instructions, must have someone in charge who is comfortable with doing an less structured project. Arts and crafts improves thinking skills by promoting problem- solving  and decision making skills by putting different materials and using different tools and visually putting materials together using spatial intelligence. It helps with being to express one’s self by making their own art or creation. It is helpful with letting out stress, being able to express feelings through arts and crafts. The five senses are all able to be used through these activities; senses are able to be heightened. Arts and crafts encourage friendships by developing bonding skills and working with others. Arts and crafts uses the left and right side of the brain; left using the problem solving skills and the right side uses the creative and intuitive side. Children retain most information by doing, this is why arts and crafts is a essential part of learning educational and social skills.

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