Thursday, July 11, 2013

Snake/ Frog and Puppy Zig Zag Hand Puppets!

What You Need: 
Colored Construction Paper (one whole piece and one half piece)

What You Do For Zig Zag Puppets: 
Fold the whole piece of paper hamburger style and tape it together.
Do the thing with the half piece of paper.
 Put the folded half piece of paper inside of the folded whole piece of paper.
Zig zag your paper back and forth: fold up and down. 

 What You Do To Make A Snake/Frog Puppet: 
Glue the white on the black pupil  next on the green oval like shape.
Glue "eyes" on the puppet
Glue pink "tongue" inside of the puppets mouth  
Use a black maker to make two dots for its nose. 
Put your hands in the top and bottom openings of your puppets and make it talk! :)

 What You Do To Make A Puppy Puppet:
 Glue the white on the black circle on the white circle for the eyes and glue on the eyes on the surface of the puppet
Glue pink nose on the on the surface of the puppet
Glue long brown construction paper on the side of the surface of he puppet for the ears
Glue pink rounded piece of paper indie of the mouth of the puppet for the tongue.

*Note: This one is a little more complicated for children. Try folding one whole sheet of construction paper hotdog style. If you do that you will not need to use a half sheet of paper. Make sure to help the children with he zig zag and how it works. The final project is awesome and well worth it! :) 

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