Monday, November 4, 2013

Circus Banner & Polka Dots!

 What You Need: 
Construction Paper: Use fun circus colors!  (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue!)

What You Do:
Cut colorful construction paper into triangles 
Poke 2 holes in the top middle; leave space in between them
Cut the yarn as long as you need
String the yarn through the 2 holes; making a line with the string
Make sure to string all triangles on the short end if the yarn
 Spread triangles apart as far as you need!
Hang circus banner on wall. (I used tape.)

Add Fun Polka Dots!
What You Need:
Fun Circus Colored Construction Paper!

What You Do:
Cut the construction paper into various sized circles
GET CREATIVE: Make various designs on polka dots. I put little polka dots on the big polka dots and make tiger striped polka dots (my team was the tigers!) :)
Spread the colors out and tape on the wall!

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