Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fairy tale party!

Fairy Tale Treats: 
What You Need:
Cupcake mix
Ginger bread cookies
Gum drops
Gummy bears
Regular sized cupcake holders. 


Alice In Wonderland Tea Party
What You Need:
top hat
white rim
A squared piece of paper which says 10/6
tea set
Cute table cloth
What You Need:
Teapot with Flowers 

What you need:
Red Roses
One White Rose
A Flower Pot

What You Need:
Flowered Rings
Clock Necklace
Rabbit Ring

Royal Goblets:

What You Need:
Glitter Tubes
Themed Stickers
 Foam Stickers
Plastic Cups 

Robinhood &
Knight's Gear
What You Need:
Knight's armor
Knight's shield
Bow & Arrow
 Gold Coins

Little Red Riding Hood

What You Need:
Brown Basket
Red Cape

The Little Mermaid
What You need:
Sea Shell Necklace
Sea Shell Earring
Shell Earrings
Peter Pan
What You Need:
A Pirate Hat
A Pirate Hook
A Foam Sword
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Goldie Locks and the Three Bears 
What You Need:
A long blue hat (or any color of your choice)
A Mirror Necklace
Cole Candy
3 Stuffed Animal Bears, Mama Papa & Baby, Baby is the Smallest Bear

The Princess & The Frog 
What You Need:
Royal Hat
Princess Crown
Foam Crown
Paper Frog
Lip Necklace

What You Need:
Princess Crown
Fairy Wings

Wishing Well
What You Need:
Flower Pot
Pipe Cleaner

What You Need:
1 Shoe

What You Need:
Wheel Shape
Pin Cushion with Pins 
Small Rug
Parrot: Beanie Baby or Stuffed Animal
Parrot Necklace
Monkey Necklace 

 Beauty & The Beast
What You Need:
Single Red Rose
Cake Top Holder
Wax Paper

RibonHood Game
What You Need:
Print out of a bulls eye
Bow & Arrows
Gold Coins

Pin the Crown On the Evil Queen
What You Need:
Print out of The Evil Queen
Foam Crowns

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